Nada Sagrada COVID-19 RESPONSE

Those who know me understand that despite the dark humor that I frequently serve in my art and in person, I take the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. I have in the past deleted designs in the wake of current tragedies, however this time I've decided to temporarily (hopefully temporarily) shut down shop altogether. 

March was an extremely stressful and sad month for most everybody, I watched many friends lose jobs, many markets that I would frequently setup my shop were disbanded, and those promoters also jobless, we all know at least someone who lost their job, but let's hope we all won't have to know the worst of this disaster. The best we can do is STAY HOME. 

I am fortunate to have another job, it is full time, and it has been deemed an essential job, I work at a grocery store, and it has been terrifying, terrifying to work around others, and the general public from all walks of life visit the store daily. It is widely understood that it is not a matter of if but when will we get sick. I sound pretty paranoid right? If you had asthma your whole life, you too would be as paranoid as I am. So, with that said, I don't want to take up too much of your time.

I would like to offer a smart shopping tips list that I hope will help you during this time, it sure helps the employees at grocery stores, and likewise it helps first responders also.

COVID19 Apocalypse grocery shopping 101:
1 Don’t loiter, don’t hang out
2 Don’t socialize, less talk altogether
3 GROCERY LIST, write one before you go to the store
4 Use the bathroom at home before you go to the store
5 Don’t crowd anyone, be patient, be kind, be quiet, be thoughtful
6 Don’t bring the family, less people is better
7 Get in, and get the f out.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support in my artistic endeavors the past several years, it has been the highlight of my life making people smile and laugh when they recognize the humor behind my skeleton art, which often pokes fun at evolution, the 4 horsemen, and Florida. Making people smile is what it is all about, and I hope to return to this project as soon as possible and launch some new designs. 

Till then, be safe, be diligently clean, strive to be healthy, and most importantly, stay positive. This too shall pass. 


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